Storks Diamond
Storks Diamond




The commercial, directed by Metin Arolat, was created with the effort of a large team experienced in the field. A special jingle was also prepared for the commercial in which the motto "Sparkle Shine Every Side, Because You Are My Diamond" in a musical style. Cavadzade, who appeared in the commercial with the iconic Storks ring and a diamond necklace made of marquise-cut diamonds, drew attention to the launch with specially designed jewelry. ‘It has been an exciting journey for me from the very beginning. I enjoyed every single scene of it. I loved the jewelry I wore. I think Storks is a brand sought after by jewelery lovers with its collections appealing to all tastes. It has very special designs that add sparkle to every outfit and a wide collection. He crafts the jewelery expertly. It creates very stylish collections by combining diamonds with colored stones. I hope that our cooperation will continue with the same joy, bringing good luck to both parties. ', Cavadzade stated that he is already excited for the next commercial that he will launch with the brand during the year.




Jewelery shine from Turkey to the world


Steering the jewelery trend with its unique designs and striking touches, Storks is the leader in the export of diamond jewelery among Turkish brands on an international scale. Producing eye-catching designs with precious stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds as well as diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets, Storks offers special collections. and also comes to the fore in personalized production. Continuing to assert itself in the men's collection with its wide product range, Storks has 32 stores and 123 sales points in Turkey, and exports most of its production to nearly 30 countries.






Advertiser: Storks Diamond


Director: Metin Arolat


Creative Agency: Film House


Media Agency: Admiral


PR Agency: Carnival Brand Agency


Digital Agency: Artistic Ant


Production: Haciyatmaz Film


Photo: Mehmet Erzincan


Music: Emre Kant

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